International Youth Center

Logo Design

I created my design with the youth in mind. I wanted it to be modern, interesting and fresh. The idea of two connected faces communicates the social aspect of the youth center and the different features symbolize the individuals and the idea that despite our differences, we can still be connected. The key words that led me to this direction were SOCIAL, COMMUNICATION, INTERNATIONAL, stacked on top of the main idea behind youth centers. The roof symbolizes the home, just like the youth center aims to become the young people’s new home, where they will be free to explore new possibilities and find their second family.

For the colors I was inspired by the rendered project of the building - colorful, youthful and modern - and I wanted my logo to complement it. I decided on curved corners and more circular shapes for the faces, as they are perceived as more friendly. For the roof - the symbol of the building - I took the opposite route to honor it. Both the building and the logo use colorful and dynamic style, which creates harmony between the two.