Fictive Sixteen

Brand Design

Restaurant Concept

Food & drink

- pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches
- fitness meals
- coffee, cappuccino, frappuccino, milk shakes
- freshly squeezed juice
- non-alcoholic drinks


Our restaurant is located in a crowded area in Downtown London, Ontario. There are many schools and residential building around and the customers are looking for a quiet place to dine.

Main target audience

High school and college students



Elevator pitch

We are a new cozy restaurant that is designed with students and young people in mind. Our chefs have developed the perfect selection of foods and drinks that will suit every teenager’s taste. We can and will make the food however you want it.  We have huge tables for all your friends, or all your books.


Target Audience: Roles

- High school students
- University students

Target Audience: Demographics

Gender: all genders
Education: high school
Occupations: students
Age: 15-25
Location: Downtown London, Ontario

Psychographics: Personality

- Outgoing
- Social
- Friendly
- Shy

Psychographics: Values

- Value money
- Value their friends
- Value their family
- Value education
- Value local restaurants